Cube Metrology are competent users of leading alignment systems.

Precision shaft alignment reduces operating costs and significantly extends equipment life. All aspects of alignment are achievable ranging from low speed applications to high speed gas turbines and turbo-machinery. We offer extensive reports incorporating the actual results direct from the alignment system as an appendix.


Advantages of correct shaft alignment:

  • Improved life expectancy
  • Reduction in cost of spare parts and components
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved machine availability
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved safe working parameters of rotating machinery


We are versatile and competent engineers familiar with all major industries. As the alignment expectations can vary, we have knowledge and experience in adhering to API industrial standards, marine classification society standards, as well as the client specification or independent requirement.

We work strictly to alignment specifications and equipment tolerances, however in the event there is little or no known information, we can advise and offer thermal growth calculations. In these situations agreements and approvals are laid out in advance prior to re-alignment.


Specific alignment techniques:

  • Dial indicator rim & face
  • Laser alignment
  • Gap and sag alignment
  • Cardan shaft
  • Crankshaft deflection measurements
  • Generator air gap alignment
  • Jack load measurements
  • Bending stress and torsion measurements