Cube Metrology is a young and dynamic service company located in Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands.
Operating globally, we provide alignment and chocking services, geometrical measurements, 3D surveys and mechanical field support on a wide range of rotating and static machinery. Our services are performed within all major industries, from Marine and Offshore to Energy and Petrochemical.
We are experienced and competent in conducting our services on board vessels and offshore platforms, as well as land based facilities and structures.
With more than 20 years experience in the field we know how ‘critical’ plant and machinery is to our clients, and more importantly, how to ensure your assets are operating effectively and efficiently. Misalignment of rotating equipment can have a severe impact of mechanical component life, machine efficiency and excessive emissions that can harm our health, safety and environment. Our goal is to ensure your rotating and static machinery and assemblies are optimised, with as little impact as possible on component life, maintenance costs & downtime and of course, the environment.
Cube Metrology work with leading class technology from major OEM’s within the alignment and metrology business. We aspire to new challenges, independently and cooperatively with service partners, owners and operators or end users of industrial and marine equipment.